black tourmaline

Here is a list of black tourmaline benefits:

  • Protects against electromagnetic and electrostatic waves
  • Fight in general against the important negative waves
  • Provides great protection and grounding
  • Increases its vibratory rate

  • Balances the aura and fights against hyper activity
  • Brings energy balance
  • Detoxifies the body of bodily waste

Astrological sign compatible with black tourmaline:

  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Cancer

corresponding chakra

  • Root


  • Black tourmaline is purified in distilled salt water after each session or therapeutic treatment
  • Tourmaline recharges under sunlight or moonlight, preferably on a druze or quartz geode

The virtues and properties of stones and crystals are given for information only and do not in any way avoid medical treatment.

This stone is available as a tumbled stone , pyramid , point , bracelet and pearl thread