Lapis Lazuli

Here is a list of the benefits of lapis lazuli:

  • Brings trust, righteousness and honesty
  • Promotes communication and helps to take charge
  • Brings inner peace and facilitates the evacuation of stress

  • Relieves headaches, throat pain and relieves the nervous system
  • Reduces dizziness
  • Reduces sleep disturbances and helps with better breathing

Astrological sign compatible with lapis lazuli:

  • Pisces
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

corresponding chakra

  • frontal


  • Purifies either one on a druze or quartz geode, or in distilled water without salt
  • Recharges under moonlight and sunlight

This stone is available as rolled stone , bracelet and pearl thread

The virtues and properties of stones and crystals are given for information only and do not in any way avoid medical treatment.