smoky quartz

Here is a list of the benefits of smoky quartz:

    • Reinforces concentration
    • Helps to have better thinking
    • Brings lucidity
    • Dispels feelings of sadness, fears and anxieties
    • Stabilizes mood

      • Help with addictions
      • Promotes the proper functioning of the body
      • Strengthens the muscles
      • Promotes fertility

Astrological sign compatible with smoky quartz:

      • Ram
      • Capricorn
      • Balance
      • Scorpio

corresponding chakra

      • Root


    • Simply clean with a cloth
    • Recharges under sunlight for a full day or on a druze or quartz geode

The virtues and properties of stones and crystals are given for information only and do not in any way avoid medical treatment.

This stone is available as rolled stone , pebble , bracelet and pearl thread